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    Unhappy Injury Wildland Firefighter placed on hospice care.Help Needed!


    This email is in response for Donald Lam, Jr, who has worked for Ky Division of Forestry as a Forest Ranger Technician since 1999 - Present. Donald suffered a life threatening injury fighting a wildland fire in Livingston County, September 2010. Donald has been in the hospital since, and has recently been sent home with care from Hospice. Donald’s wife Jennie, and their 14 year old daughter, has taken on the responsibility of being fulltime caregivers. Jennie has had to quit her job to care for her husband that requires 24 hour care. This has in turn has added a financial burden on the family, so we are asking for everyone’s help.
    If anyone wishes to contribute to an account for Donald and Jennie, you can do so at:

    First Southern Bank
    P.O. Box 379
    Princeton, Ky 42445
    Care of: Donald and /or Jennie Lam
    Always a day late and a dollar short!

    Hillbilly Irish!

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    Unhappy LODD February 17th 2011

    Kentucky Division of Forestry

    It is with deep regret we notify you of the line of duty death of Donald Lam, Jr. of the Kentucky Division of Forestry.

    While serving in the capacity of a firefighter fighting a wild-land fire in Livingston County September 7th, Mr. Lam suffered a critical head injury and was knocked unconscious. He was then overrun by fire and suffered second degree burns. He was airlifted to an Evansville hospital and has been fighting for his life since.

    After exhaustive efforts, physicians told Mr. Lam and his family in late January there was nothing more they could do -- he would die from his injuries... it was just a matter of time. He has been home since in the care of his wife and hospice waiting until, in his words: "the Lord comes to get me." ...He came for him this morning.

    Mr. Lam is survived by his wife, Jennie -- who has been providing around the clock care since the incident occurred, and 14 year old step-daughter.

    The road from September 7th to today has been a very long and difficult one for all concerned. Please keep the Lam and Kentucky Division of Forestry families in your thoughts and prayers.

    Funeral arrangements are pending.
    Always a day late and a dollar short!

    Hillbilly Irish!

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    Rest in peace - hopefully some solace for the family that he gave his life making a difference.

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