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    Default self rescue belts and gear

    just seeing peoples opinion on self rescue gear and what they or their deparments prefer. looking at trying to get gear for my vollie department. we run around 300 calls per year but are just finnaly kinda comming around to the new age of firefighting. we were what most departments would call a dinosaur.

    i personnaly use the morning pride life grip ladder/escape belt with a locking pompier hook and still in search of a good life line. thinking about a 50 foot throw bag with 7mm cordage with some sort of hook on the end. looking at a few right now but just want to kinda get an idea about what people prefer or have good ratings about
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    We have internal harnesses on our gear so belts are not needed. This is also a plus since you will never be caught without your belt when you really need it.

    Ad for rescue kits, you are better off buying a pre-packaged version where someone else has already taken the time to test the components to be certain they work together. If you don't buy a pre-packaged kit, at least duplicate the contents. Most rescue/bailout kits need to be bought prepackaged to even be certified.

    Two great sources for both:


    And another:



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    Like WD said, get a pre-packaged system. Not only is it an easier way to get what you need, but it will probably be cheaper.

    I carry a Sterling F4, Crosby hook and 50' of PER in a bag on a CMC Survivor belt. I keep everything pre-rigged and ready to go- I don't have to connect anything other than the Crosby to the window sill to bail out. I would suggest finding a way to keep yours pre-rigged as well.

    Personally I like the F4, but there is nothing wrong with the other self braking DCDs. I would suggest going with one of the self braking devices so you have both hands to get out the window. The Sterling F4, CMC Escape Artist and Petzl Exo are good options. If I am missing one of the self braking DCDs, someone please add it in.

    Whatever you end up with, TRAIN with it. I have spent hours packing my bag different ways to see what carries and deploys the best.

    Remember, simply carrying some rope and a carabiner is better than nothing. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
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