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    While there are still stainless manufacturers out the that bolt the bodies together, there are probaby more that weld them. Stainless lasts forever, will not rust, and a reputable company will take care of any dis-similar metal problems that might arise.

    There are a few smaller manufacturers that have been doing stainless for a really long time, and know how to prevent that from happeneing.

    As for weight, yeah, stainless does weigh more, but even 12ga stainless (I wouldn't build out of anything thinner) creates a weight differential in the "hundreds of pounds" range, not enough to make a difference over the entire vehicle.

    The other thing to look for when you are building is the warranty on the body.

    I know, for instance that 4-Guys just went to 30 years on thier bodies!!

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    What I found funny was listening to a salesman bash aluminum as being weak and only corrosion resistant to a point, over and over, giving many reasons why aluminum should avoided. Then after we let him spew this stuff, we simply asked him what the cab material is. Silence........... "well, ah, um, well....." Seems cabs are ok to made out of aluminum just not the body.
    Yeah, yeah I understand, nobody builds em that way, cost weight etc.
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    I believe extruded alum body is the only way to go.

    What "concerns" me about SS is that your body is only as good the quality of sheet metal used. SS is not like gold where it's all the same stuff. A very large portion of it comes from China and you CAN NOT TRUST THEM to provide any consistant level of quality today, tomorrow, next week. China has gone after SS market in a BIG way. Particularily due to the boom in ethanol plant mfg of a couple years ago. Ethanol is done so these mills are looking for new markets (material price has fallen).

    When manufacturing in China things you can inspect for (like visual 100%) can work. Though it's really marginally worth the PITA. Can work when you can verify all items are the correct color in the correct spot, in new undamged packaging, no short count in the master carton, are disposable consumer good, etc. Inspect and audit the inspector Anything beyond that, they will rob you blind. Like did they use new virgin plastic of the correct spec with no more than x% regrind with the correct additives properly blended and dried. NO YOU WILL NOT KNOW and unlike they did. They will take shortcuts at any delay so as to meet schedule/avoid a 2cent penalty, will substitute materials and additives at the drop of a hat for convience (or to benefit Uncle Ho), 1000 ways to fool the Yankee are all fair game.

    Perhaps if you can specify US made SS and pay the price. And you are sure the apparatus manufacturer knows what he is buying (not the cheapest stuff this week) and everyone in the supply chain can be trusted.

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