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    Cool Anyone use Swiss Pagers?

    Hey guys, our current department deploys Unication (aka Alpha Pagers), but our chief has informed us that we are getting some new pagers by what he called Swiss Pagers... Has anyone used these before, and whats your thoughts on them? Would it really be worth the switch? I like my alpha pager, but I have heard mixed things about the Swiss Pagers...

    Let me know!

    Jon Beard
    OGVFD 1222

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    Jon google it son.

    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    Good luck.

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    We stopped buying /\/\ V' s a five years ago after sending most of them back to depot repair multiple times. We started buying Apollo and SwissPhone pagers at that time.
    The swissphnes have worked well with excellent battery life and no failures yet. We just ordered 5 more.

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    Also, the Swiss Phones use AA rechargeable batteries so you can pop in a regular AA on the fly if needed. The fact that you can buy replacments at WalMart is nice too.

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    We use Swissphone pagers for the past two and after some inital problems with phantom paging and tone spacing from our dispatch they have been quite reliable. We bought the programing software and everyone got a kick when I had it tones sounding like Marry had a little lamb to show its versatility.

    The only problem that all of us have is at 2:00AM when it goes off it is not user friendly when you're half asleep. I'd prefer a volume knob versus menu driven volume control.

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    Hi Brian. I'm working for Swissphone. We actually improved the operating concept of the pager and everyone is welcomed to demo it...even if you already tried one with the traditional operating concept. We decided to stick with the buttons but simplified it the following way:
    long press right = increase volume
    hit right button twice = decrease volume
    long press left = replay message
    hit left button twice = change profile

    The cool thing is that we even added the voice announcement everyone likes so much with the Minitors.

    You can email me at michael@swissphonena.com if you are interested. We just shipped the first batch of prototypes to the U.S.

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