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    Default Need some ideas!!

    I am the training officer at my dept and i have been researching boxing in your scene on mva's my problem is our chief is not to big on the idea because most of our mva's are on interstate 77 here in wv and he catches a lot of bs from state troopers and from the big wigs on the interstate for blocking lanes but in my opinion i would rather catch a butt chewing from them if it keeps our guys safe so i need some info from you guys to show him how it will keep us safe and to prove to him we as the fire dept are in charge of the scene until we give pt care over to EMS. Thank you!!!

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    Have the chief direct traffic

    Maybe that will convince him

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    Thumbs up And........

    Your Chief and the State Troopers BOTH need to review this website......


    Some really telling info there. And even more at


    On the Cumberland Valley homepage, scroll down and Click on the link to Responder Safety. Or, just go directly to


    Something that your folks don't want to hear, but we shut down the road. Period. Our safety comes before anything else. Period. We simply don't care if there is a Traffic backup. Back when we started really getting tight on this, there were a couple of incidents where the police got upset, but we refused to back off. Today, Scene Safety is not even a question, everyone just does it. When the Police have no option but to do it our way, or buy and operate their own Ambulances and Fire Apparatus, they calm down real quick...
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    Thanks for your info......and i would love for him to direct traffic but he just likes to be on scene to show off his white hat he dont even take IC he stands there smoking leaned up on the bumper and we the firefighters are sick of it so we are going to the board with are requests and hoping they will see it our way and tell him to pack his bags

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