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Thread: Speeding Ticket

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    Default Speeding Ticket

    I figured that I would find out from those in the know, I was driving to pick up my daughter last night after work and was pulled over for doing 49 in a 35. In just a bit of a rush ...the reason that this is significant is because I'm currently in the process for a large city department and I've had my interview and wanted to know if this incident would risk me being hired. To note before this incident I have had a clean driving record.

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    Won't be a problem as it's only a speeding ticket, not a wreckless driving, dui, hit and run or something more serious. One ticket is not a problem, 3 or 4 is frowned upon.

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    If you can do the diversion class or whatever your state offers it's worth it.

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    Not to worry. This would come up in the background not something you should bring up in your interview. If it does you have the reasonable explanation for just one only ticket.

    I served 5 days in Santa Rita Prison for drag racing. Yes, I put it on my application. Because if you don't and they find out, you're gone. In my oral board, I was asked about this. I told the panel, "That since that incident, I had been in the army, married, children, the situation hadn't occurred again, and had been on my job for 9 years. I was a stupid kid then. It's hard to believe this really had happened. One of the captains asked, "Mr. Smith are you trying to get go around this problem and ignore it?" Here's the "Nugget" answer; I said, "No. If I was trying to do that I would have never put it done on the application." He was done with that question.

    When I got my results for that test, the number placement wasn't on the notice. When I called, the personnel lady told me, "Well, Mr. Smith, you're number one. Not only are you number one, you're five full points ahead of number two!" It was having a reasonable explanation prepared in advance that becomes your "Nugget" answers that makes the difference.

    That question and the "Nugget" answer probably helped me, not hurt me. It catapulted me past the other candidates at light speed, and did indeed get me my badge!
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    Thank you guys so much! Initially I was worried because I've been working so hard to seal the deal with this department, and I feel as if I excelled in my interview and definitely did not want a blunder like this to sabatoge all of my hard work.

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