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    Hello, I have asked numerous guys in and around my department and get a different answer everytime. I never do it, and alot of my fellow firefighters that work in "bigger" towns never do it. We live in Alabama. When responding to or from a scene running emergency traffic, WHAT IS THE LAW/REGULATION ON ASKING PERMISSION TO ENTER THEIR JURISDICTION? I was never taught this, and would like to know if it is right, or whether it's someone just liking to talk on a radio...you know? I would appreciate any facts or opinions. Thanks

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    Wildmedic, from what I understand you want to know, at what time you must notify another jurisdiction when running emergent in there response area. Here in Arkansas there is no state law or rules regarding this. Check with your state department that regulates your response. Here it is the Arkansas Department of Health Section of EMS for medical And The Arkansas Fire Academy for fire calls. With that being said as a general rule we do not just respond outside of our juisdiction, but from time to time this will happen especialy on MVC's and house fires at the line. Once we notice that the call is in another jurisdiction, we will tell dispatch to notify that that department of the call. We continue to operate the scene as normal until that department arrives and releases us. Some times the other department will tell us to handle the call and wont respond. The last time this happened it was a MVC, and they told us to handle. The last time we did it was a car fire, they called stated they were on scene and could handle it. So we let them put the car out and never rolled a tire. Hope that helps D

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