Ecacuation timelines have raised their heads again after the Western Australian fires where 70 homes were lost this week.
Residents complain they were not warned to evacuate. This topic came up in Victoria after the Black Saturday fires. Residents now expect an evacuation order to be instantly given.

Even on a bad day you get a call, turn out the big red truck and drive to where the call directs. This takes time, at least several minutes. Quite often the area is hilly and access is not easy or direct. The truck arrives the fire has moved on may be only a mile however you need to drive 10 mile to get to it. First crew arrives at the pointy end, not necessarily the best in the district. They mutter the acronym for Send Help Its Terrible. Could be 30 minutes to an hour until a management team has a plan and verifies reports and knows what is happening.

When and who should give the evacuate order?
What accreditation do they hold?
What type of information should they have when giving the order?