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    Default NFPA State?

    Any of you guys have the know on state cert pocedures from someone out of state. I have Texas Cert and IFSAC level II. For that matter is Michigan even a NFPA state?


    Oh and if anyone is from the croswell area, let me know. Gonna be heading that way and would be cool to know someone before i get there.

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    Dont quote me on this, but as far as I know Michigan is picky on state licenses. I know that Indiana has an agreement, but outside that I am not 100%. You would want to go through the Bureau of Fire services through the state. As for NFPA, it is followed departmentally, but MIOSHA is the primary agency to govern. Hope this helps.

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    MI does not have reciprocity for NPQ or IFSAC certs. You will have to challenge the test. The information, to include the ridiculous amount of money they will charge you for the privilege, can be found here:,1607,...8188--,00.html

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    well boddy I really dont have such knowledge related to NFPA state specially.. you can have all the information related to MICHIGAN here....


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