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    Default Evacuation Notification

    Just curious what others do in the event of an evacuation..by this I mean, notifing firefighters inside the structure that they need to evacuate immediately.

    I ask this, as I know where I'm at, there's times that not everyone has a portable radio inside the structure..I personally always take my personal radio I bought for this purpose, as we dont have the funding to provide each member with a handy talky...any who..we run a combination of airhorn and radio notification

    command advises dispatch, dispatch sounds an alert tone and advises all units on scene to evacuate..in conjunction to that..the apparatus' on scene sound their airhorns 3 times approx 3 seconds a piece...this usually works pretty well as firefighters start coming out of the wood works..looks like a light bulb turned on and coach roaches scrambling..

    so what do you all use?
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    sounds about right.

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    Massachusetts had a statewide evac signal... 30 to 60 seconds of apparatus air horns.

    My FD also hits an alert tone... all company members carry radios.
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    Similar to Gonzo, all apparatus sound their air horns and a broadcast over the radios. Not everybody has a portable radio, but every team does.

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    At my department not everyone has a radio but each interior team does. The will call a verbal evacuation order of the radio and also all trucks will sound the air horns - 1 long 2 short blasts till a PAR check is complete and everyone is outside and accounted for.

    Works well with the 1 long 2 short because it is hard to confuse that combination with air horns of incoming trucks (set pattern for evac signal)

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    Upon being notified of an emergency evacuation, our FCC (Fire Communications Center/dispatch) will broadcast a HI-lo warble tone followed by the message "ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS OPERATING ON BOX # xxxx , 89th & BLUE STS. - by order of the INCIDENT COMMANDER - URGENT - EMERGENCY EVACUATION." The FCC then repeats the tone and the message continuously. The HI-lo tone is so distinctive that most members don't need the message to know to "git". These are broadcast over both the dispatch channel and appropriate tactical channels. All members get portables.

    Meanwhile, if deemed necessary, the IC will have the apparatus operators will sound their air horns in continuous blasts of sets of three (~.~.~...~.~.~...~.~.~...etc.) in a synchronized fashion.

    Once the IC has determined that the evacuation is complete, he will inform FCC and the signals will cease. Both the FCC messages and the air horns should be continuous until the IC has everyone out.
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    3 Long Air Horn Blasts and 3 Long Radio Tones
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