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Hello all,

First off I currently work at a municipal owned ambulance service full time. We employee both full time and part time staff. A few co-workers want to go union with the IAFF. What are the pros and cons of having a union. Right now we are currently the highest paid EMS service in the county and one of my fears is that once we go union we are going to lose wages. Also what can the union do for the part time employees? and lastly I'm a P.O.C. for the fire department which is all POC other than the chief and fire inspector, with us going to IAFF will I have to give up my position as a firefighter. With the ambulance service I am one of the full time staff and its strictly EMS no firefighting. Thanks
In answer to the first question, one of the pro's of being in a union is keeping the high pay you have now. without some type of written agreement between employees and employer, you are at the whim of the the employer as to how they treat you. I'm not saying that will happen, and yes there would be a net decrease in pay (union dues) but there would also be a non-negotiable standard for which both sides would have to maintain.

Without a contract, you are one good-old-boy, or cost cutting decision away from loosing all you have.

Just my 2C.