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    Default Need Input and/or Ideas

    My company has an oft discussed topic that comes up at the firehouse, and I am thinking about maybe trying to do something about it. Hopefully, You will have some input.

    We are a career department in central Indiana that has close ties to IFD. Our sense of the brotherhood is very strong and we try to maintain a high level of comradery. Along those lines, and with the recent LODD in Chicago, we have discussed putting together some form of traveling contingent of members to represent and be of assistance to fire departments in the midwest who have lost a brother in the LOD.

    Yes, we have a Honor Guard and most likely this would be some branch off of that system. But my question is what, if any, kind of systems are out there on this board. Do you have this kind of group? How do they operate? Is it nationwide or zoned? (i.e. MIDWEST, EAST COAST) What can we do to help once a traveling unit is in place?

    Anything you have will help me to begin implementation. Seriously, thanks ahead of time.


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    I'm not sure if you're familiar with the LAST program that's coordinated by the NFFF, but this might be a place for your start for state or regionally based programs: Local Assistance State Teams.

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