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    Default AFG for 2011

    Does anyone know if AFG for 2011 is on the budget chopping block?

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    Not on it so far. DHS was told to prepare themselves for the 2011 and get everything ready with the Guidelines and online application, so doubt it would end up on it. Too much good news keeps hitting the Congressional offices so I doubt they'd want to cut a program giving them that.

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    Unless every one of my sources is dead wrong, 2011 AFG is safe. I might expect to see some cuts in some programs but, I believe as a general rule of thumb that DHS grants are going to stay healthy. I have only heard of one thing in DHS that was not being funded and that was a hiring grant for law enforcement. If you sit around waiting to see if the grant is going to go or not, you are going to get caught waiting at the station.

    Now is not the time to be worrying about if the program will be there or not, you should be going to classes, getting educated, actively writing and planning for the coming grants. Failure to plan is a plan to fail! Comeptition is going to be gretaer for less dollars so you better be bringing the +A game to the table this year; I know my clients will be!
    Kurt Bradley
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