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    Default Replacement Survivor light battery

    I recently purchased a replacement battery for my Streamlight Survivor part #90120. The package comes with a new battery, bottom hatch and two pins. It all installs fine but there are no metal contacts on the bottom of the hatch to make contact with the charger. The directions say not to use any parts from the old hatch but it does not address this issue. Anyone ever deal with this?

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    No, but a quick call to streamlight might handle the issue. I've had to call them a couple of times and they have always been very polite and professional. Great service.
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    If you have the old style flashlight, you need to make sure that you order the old style battery. They actually have three different batteries now. You may have gotten the wrong one. What color was the original battery? Was it the old style that installed with the two pins?
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