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    Default "possession" of my red card

    Any knowledge is really appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnwemt View Post
    I'm getting my fft2 training (s-130/190, L-180) through a local community college in a couple of weeks. I don't think I can get a red card directly from the class because I'm paying for it myself and won't be sponsored by any agencies. All your Red card is a certification of a current work capacity test. Meaning that you have completed the set physical fitness requirement for that year. It also list your current qualification, and other things but this is all you need to worry about for now.

    I'll be working for a private contractor this summer, but I would like to hopefully get on with the forest service, blm, or park service next summer on an engine crew or hand crew. I've heard that private contractors can take "possession" or control of your red card.Slap who ever told you that. Does this still apply even if the contractor isn't providing or even paying for the training?You are a free agent, they can't control any aspect of your training record, other than updating it. I have not heard of a PC with access to IQCS If it does would the forest service or BLM have to put me through fft2 training AGAIN next spring if I get hired?I doubt that you will have to re-take your basic, however they will more than likely have some type of rookie school( to get you used to that particular stations habits) that you will need to complete.

    Any knowledge is really appreciated.
    Anything else?
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    One piece of advice (hopefully not too late): keep ALL course completion certificates for all incident training, for the rest of your career (should you get hired and stay with it). That may not guarantee you won't have to retake courses when employed (agencies have discretion to accept (or not) training received as a private citizen), but I will guarantee federal agencies will not accept your word you completed a course in community college. You should at least receive a National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) certificate of completion, or equivalent, as proof of completing the prescribed training. Federal training or qualifications record keepers will require you to provide proof of all wildland fire training, and will keep a hard-copy file of same to back up data entered into IQCS.

    Good luck; hope you find a job and make a career of it!

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