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    Default Intrested in becoming wildland firefighter in Texas

    Have been intrested in this in a long time as the dept I'm with now we mostly fight large grass fires, brush fires, tree fires whatever you want to call them all I know is that its alot more fun than any other fires I've fought. So with all of that said I've been wondering how to make a career out of it here in Texas I've read numerous things about this "red card" and the classes "S-130 and S-190" yet I don't know where you take them or how you go about doing any of this..so any input from someone whos been doing this for awhile would be a great help and an awesome push in the right direction for me.

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    look up any of your natural resources agencies, or the texas forest service, they all ought to be able to get you the basic wildland training
    really the red card is for out of state assignments if you'd like to get on an interagency crew and go out as a temp employee for the Feds and fight wildfires somewhere
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    they were hiring a few months back, with all the cuts this year, they may push it off to the local depts to handle

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    Cool Walk with us ??

    They have a walk set up Thursday at the San Benard wildlife Refuge 6:00pm just outside Brazoria,Tx u need this to get to the next step. Most US fish and wildlife dept are tired of putting on the S130/190 (it take's 2 weekends) class and not having people make THE WALK oh yea THE WALK thats 3 miles in 45 min with a 45# pac on. no running just walking going for my 5th time. OH JOY

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    Heres a link for the Texas Interagency Wildfire & Incident Management Academy. They post the TFS 130/190 and other courses here. The next academy is in Lufkin 5/17/2011 - 5/27/2011. The have 130/190 and some others.


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