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    Default Moonlighting AEDs

    This might be better over on the EMS forum, but in honor of my first wife (on my 3rd now...) whose Dad was a Vancouver Fire Chief, fire fighters then (80's) were known moonlighters....I'm in the AED and medical industries, but don't know FF career practices.

    I'm looking for OD FF's or VFF's to do onsite consulting around AED deployment. We'd pay 15% on the hardware, and the installing, teaching CPR etc. revenue would be all to you as the local and onsite guy. Is this something that would interest anyone?

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    could possible be interested with more information
    Whos says Fire Trucks cant be YELLOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by InstructorJV87 View Post
    could possible be interested with more information
    We're a small company in Seattle and Vancouver that specializes in deploying AEDs. The goal is to get them into the International Building Code for multi-tenant buildings, as the best way to tackle SCA as a major killer.

    We can offer good commissions on the hardware, the customers are yours to keep and train and AEDs to monitor, possibly on leases. And we do handle the very best Physio AEDs (only) and have the best pricing, even at retail. So you can make a few hundred per PAD, win bids on price and service, both, and build a trap line.

    Just keep us in mind, and when you need a hardware connection to Physio, we're here. And if someone needs feet on the ground in your state - you get the gig.

    I appreciate your interest and would much appreciate any suggestions.

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