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    Default Need some help with AFG vehicle bid specs

    Hello, I am new to AFG grants and we were awarded a grant this year for a pumper. I am trying to put together a bid spec sheet. Most I have found online are like 100 pages long. Can I do just a general type ( pump,tank,chassis length) . Doe anyone have any templates or good recommendations. We are getting a 2- Door pumper , 1000 gal tank and 1250 GPM pump. Thanks

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    you can be pretty genaric

    do you have an idea of exactly what you are wanting. And may I sugest spend a little extra and get a four door truck. We were going to go with two, and opted for four and it is so much nicer

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    We were new to vehicle specs also this year.
    We developed a list of needs (specs) and also a list of wants (options). Our needs list was just a simple list of those things we know about, tank size, pump size, doors, where the ladders are, scene lighting, discharges, booster reel, how much hose we carry, etc, etc. Then added a list of what would be nice and make our job easier (options), generator, paint color, foam, etc.
    You will be surprised but based on your needs, the vendors will come up with those 100 page spec sheets. They know what is required by NFPA, and you dont have to sweat the step height, electrical connections, and stainless valves, especially if your a small rural area like us without equipment committees etc.
    Develop your lists and send them out to several vendors. You will be be doing a lot of home work comparing the offerings.

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    Thanks for the help---I submitted our 7 Page spec sheet last tuesday.

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