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    I'd recomment you step up to a F-650 chassis with an ISB engine and an Allison 3000 series transmission. I think you'll be a lot happier in the long run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonfyre View Post
    IH will only be selling the engines without urea until they run out of government credits. Don't know what they're going to do after that happens as their engines don't meet the new emissions standards yet.

    Showed this picture in another thread as an alternative to the GMC/Chevy medium duty chassis.
    Sorry but your statement about the International engines is false, they do meet the 2010 EPA standards and are not using Government credits to keep selling them. We use Internationals exclusively at my work place, I had a conversation with our rep about the EGR technology and if it would ever be replaced with the Urea system. He said without a shadow of a doubt that it would not, and the rumors the engines are running of government credits are absolutely false.

    Now I'll give my $0.02 in regards to the new Fords. And just so everyone knows I am a Ford man myself, I drive an F150. I've had a chance to look over the new 6.7L Diesel as well as their new 6.2L V8 Gas job. Both are outstanding engines and I was impressed greatly by the 6.2L, one of our Captains purchased one in an F350 and cannot say enough about it. As for the 6.7L Diesel, I really liked the engine. It was responsive, had tons of power and was so quiet I didn't think I was driving a diesel. The urea however, I'm still not a fan of the entire urea thing, so that put a damper on it for me.

    As for the International Terrastar, though I haven't had a chance to go through one in person. Our rep had nothing but good things to say about it (Of coruse he did, he is the International rep after all!) From what I've heard its a great rig (Albiet rather ugly) And if the Maxxforce 7 is anything like the Maxxforce 9's we are getting in our new trucks, then it gets a big thumbs up from me. I think we have a lot of good things yet to come from the new Terrastar. And I look forward to seeing some at the New England Fire Chiefs Show this year, but hopefully I can make the trip to our International Dealer and see one there first.
    Opinions expressed by myself here are just that, mine. And not that of ANY organization or service I am affiliated with.

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