I have 2 counties of interest in NE Iowa. One is probably 80% ready to change over to NB. The second will be perhaps 75% if regional FG that apparently is coming arrives (have the questions/etc) with no plan for the rest (other praying than an another FG). Local Depts are somewhere around 75% on pagers, portables, mobiles, base and can likely handle the remainder in next 18m (assuming no equipment shortages).

Appears that other (many) counties are far behind either of these. My guess is some states perhap could switch tomorrow. Some states have done nothing.

So Jan 2, 2011 and what happens? FCC swat teams going to arrive in the black choppers and start writing citations and fines? Send us to Gitmo for a vacation? Extend the deadline for _______ months/years. There has to be a written contingency plan somewhere.

In my rural area we can continue to operate on our current VHF equipment nicely. It's not going to have any impact on anyone/thing that I can see until FCC sells off the new intermediate channels. At present spending limited local funds on commo gear where the $ could otherwise more properly be used on higher risk/return projects.

Really urgent? I keep telling mayors/etc outside of the it is critical in theory that last minute planning iis better than no planning.

One more opportunity we're going to be telling the Feds "thanks for sharing". Got no $.