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    Question ... I know about the "normal" deductions allowed by the IRS for uniforms and the like, but what about radios? What if you buy a 2-way portable radio of your own? Support equipment and accessories for the radio? Personal rescue equipment like flashlights, technical gear (Leatherman)?

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    Answer.... You need to consult with a tax accountant to received the correct answer.

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    I always deduct costs of anything I buy that is job related- Magazine subscriptions, text books, classes (not covered by the Dept.) Small tools (gerber tools, pocket tools, etc.) Any kind of uniforms not covered by the Dept.

    Travel costs to classes that I do not get reimbursed......
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    Realize that most things like uniforms, magazine subscriptions, specialized tools, etc. are only deductable if you spend a crapload of money on them (in excess of 2% of your earnings) and only if they are exclusively for your job.
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