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    Quote Originally Posted by mtngael View Post
    Both high powered rifles AND many devices available to the fire service will defeat these vehicles.
    So? Shoot your way in?

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    Whether or not your extrication tools are capable of making entry on a Armored Vehicle is the least of my concerns on this type of rescue.

    If the occupants are unconcious...begin extrication if law enforcement is on-scene. If the occupants are concious, chances are they will not let you enter and will protect entry with their lives. Typically, they will authorize entry only after another Armored Vehicle is present to transfer the load. These security guards are armed and required to protect millions of dollars in cash, it is not a good idea to make entry without authorization from the Armored Car company and/or a law enforcement officer present. The last thing you want is to have the Brinks report say "missing money after rescue"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGITCH View Post
    So? Shoot your way in?
    I was just making the point that armored vehicles aren't THAT armored. Especially the windows. They'll stop handgun bullets and that's it.

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