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    Default Information about you !

    Hi, I'm Jack and i'm a volunteer firefighter.
    I come here because i'm searching information about american firefighters. I'm creating an online game to amuse firefighter community i try to finish it with the real informations.

    For example i draw this woman with differents clothes...

    What do you think about this picture ?

    Would you like to play this game, the game's goal is to dress our fireman and suceed your interventions...

    I need informations about american's ladder company ? its only in NYC or in the others provinces ?

    Thanks you very much & sorry for my bad english !

    Enjoy !

    PS:if you want others pictures, please ask me
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    Truck companies are not isolated to Just New York City. There are truck companies in almost every State.

    I wont speak for other states but in Ours Truck Companies are mostly responsible for Search and Rescue as well as Vehicle Extrication and Roof Ventilation. Trucks usually do not carry water ( Thats what the Engine is for) but do have the ability to flow water through master streams.

    Hope this helps.
    Do not let the ghosts of our fallen brothers gaze upon you and ask " What have you done to my profession?" FTB DTRT EGH

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