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    Unhappy How does your department view Juniors?

    Moved to fire fighting.

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    Red face

    (Just in case any explorers post into this)

    REMEMBER: these forums are public. Anyone can see them. THEREFORE, if you decide to post a response to this, remember that someone from your department could easily read what you write. Be careful with your words and don't get yourself into trouble.
    Explorer Assistant Chief Alisha Fern

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    They like us. We save them a lot of time (on scene and at stations), so they all treat us with respect and don't treat us like kids or act like they don't have time for us. I'm thankful that it's that way, because I've heard horror stories about personnel from neighboring departments acting like complete ******bags to their Juniors/Explorers.

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    It's sad, Fern, that you have to post a disclaimer like that... But it's true.

    Our department has quite a mix of views... Majority of people like us, and see us as an asset. Some, however, see us as nothing more than a waste of time/space and juvenile kids who shouldn't be around. I've gotten some ... Harsh ... comments from a couple firefighters over my three years that covered anything from, "You shouldn't be here." to "I didn't hear them tone out any explorers, why the **** did you show up?" - Just to add context to that last comment, explorers don't get "toned out"... We listen on scanners, or happen to drive by the scene and respond to the station that way.

    I'm grateful that we have a high support, though. Our Assistant Chief is our biggest supporter, and I have "permission" from him to tell any firefighter who has an issue with me, or any of the explorers to take it up with him. In addition, there are (I think) 5 members of the department that were explorers at one time, so we have support from them as well.
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    Default Duplicate topic

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