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    Default GA Police to Firefighter transfer

    I am currently a Deputy Sheriff in GA. I am a certified peace officer by GPSTC, the same GPSTC which certifies Firefighters in GA. A buddy of mine who works for our county fire dept told me he thought I would be able to do a sort of lateral transfer if I stay in county. I wouldn't lose any time earned and I would wouldn't have to go the "Fire Academy." I would have to do the 12 week "rookie school," which I am assuming is the equivalent to FTO.

    Anyone hear of anything like this or has my friend been inhaling too much smoke?

    If this is downright false information, what is the best way for me to get certified in the northern atlanta area? I do still work for the Sheriff's Office and don't plan on leaving unless another job comes up. That being said, it is tough as hell to try to dedicate time to work and school on the side if that's what it takes.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    I know in my county you would still have to complete the Fire Academy. You would keep seniority yrs in etc but you would lose 5% of your base pay. So i guess it just depends on where you work.

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    The only lateral transfer you may eligible for is one inside your county government. Yes, your Peace Officer certification is through GPSTC, but GFA is its own division. The two certifications have nothing to do with eachother. I am an adjunct instructor with GFA and we have police officers in classes all the time. My volunteer department, which is technically public safety, has 4 officers in a basic firefighter class locally right now.

    Other than spending the time in Forsyth again, or an in house academy with your department, look into area tech schools. The basic firefighter tech school programs have really taken off the last few years in Georgia.

    Hope that helped you some.
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