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Thread: M.E.S.H. Test

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    A department will contact people pretty quickly after the MESH results come out usually to establish an eligibility list, even if they don't have the need to hire at the current moment. Usually the smaller departments hire fewer but also the process is a lot quicker.

    All of the departments that use MESH decide how they want to use it to hire. A majority of FD's decide to contact those who score highest on the medic written, others want PAT times under 3:00 minutes, some want 100's on megacodes. It the FD's decision on who/why they contact you.

    Some may call you in for interview right away. Some use a lottery system. Others want you to attend an orientation or just come in to City hall to pick up an application not available through the cities website.

    There will aways be "how did he get hired and I didn't. I scored better than him" but you are hoping to work for a FD and not that they are hoping for you to work for them. It's shady and it sucks but there's nothing you can do about it except keep studying, training, clean records and preparing yourself to get that call or email.

    There is good news for you that didn't score as high as you would have hoped. There has been some rumors and some FD's are considering going a little lower on the scoring list to hire Part-time FF's. Overtime pay has been killing finances for some cities and Part timers would eliminate that. It's a part time job but it is paid, gives you experience and a possibility of becoming full time status.

    I know that MESH works because someone in my family got hired off it in the past with no experience but did have very good scores.

    Keep the hope alive.
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    So in other words your score doesn't really matter all that much.

    Hallandale Beach decided to only call people who took the 2012 Mesh Test.
    Apparently the test has changed much since 2011-2012 even though the text used was exactly the same. So if you carried over your scores from last year you wont be getting a letter in the mail. Regardless if your scored straight 100s.

    Good luck.

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    when are they going to release the scores for this past 2013 MESH exam?

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