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    Post Survey on wildland hose packs

    I wanted to do a quick survey about hosepacks,
    Agency, and location?
    What type of hosepacks do you use?
    What do you use to hold the hose together?
    Examples would be p-cord, aftermarket pack, green bag
    Do you suck the air out of your hose before packing, and with what?
    Like a hand primer, or home made devise.

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    Cal Fire Northern California
    Pondosa Pack w/ 300ft of synthetic 1 1/2 hose w/ inline tee's every 100ft.

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    My first season I worked for the Forest Service
    We used a Coconino pack with 300ft 1/2 house with a gated wye.
    Packed in an old forestry bag or green bag we used p-cord and a hand pump to get the air out of the hose. We also had a homemade table we used to pack the hose, and it took two people to do it.

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    Default not official

    I haven't worked on an engine but with, same station. Forest Service. I noticed their packs, and have run a couple out. With simple bucket pack (green pack), 1 large pouch, and a top flap with pocket, i've seen 2 or 3 hundred feet of 1 1/2 trunk, gated wye, 2 hundred feet of inch with nozzle. Think it was 2 hundo trunk. Held with p-cord or flagging. Hand rolled with a winder from a 100' hose rack. Hose must be cleaned and sufficiently dried, no need for suction.

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    Guadalupe, AZ
    We use the same simple green FS hose bags with 100' of 1-1/2" trunk line with a gated wye conecting to 100' of 1" and forestry nozzle. It is basically a triple load laid into the pack flat with the nozzle and wye on the bottom. I have heard this load called the "Smokey Pack"

    We use flagging tape to secure the hose together for packing.

    I have no idea how you guys are getting 300' hose in these standard green FS hose bags... 200' is pushing it.
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