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    What I think of as a squad is either a Johnny and Roy style light rescue/ utility, or a manpower vehicle.

    Dept's can call the rig whatever they want, subject to local regulations or standards, but those are my impressions. That seems to be the general impression in my neck of the woods as well.

    What FDNY calls a squad, I'd call a rescue engine. The term rescue squad used to mean an ambulance... I just call them ambulances! Many volunteer/ combi ambulance depts refer to their DEPT as a rescue squad around here, but they still call their rigs ambulances.

    A rescue is an equipment truck set up for rescues and scene support and manpower around here. So, referring to an ambulance as a rescue would confuse people on the radio. They're thinking toolbox on wheels with a large crew- you're thinking ambulance.

    IMO, this is a lot like the tanker/tender issue. Depends where you're from!

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    Default A squad is what

    Historically in this area a Squad was a unit capable of carrying more firefighters than other units, generally 8-10 firefighters, with extrication/rescue equipment. For my area the type of truck most commonly used was a commercial chassis with a walk in rescue body. In the area now seeing some movement to rescue engines being called a squad or switching to walk around rescues on custom chassis. But the accepted definition by most is a unit with more manpower than standard engine or truck company, with specialized rescue capability or other special equipment i.e. cascade system, lighting etc.

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    Here in DelCo, PA a squad is an engine with rescue tools/equipment. We carry hydraulic rescue tools and the accompanying vehicle rescue equipment, plus some water rescue equipment and rope. The engine itself is a 2250 gpm, with 1000 gal water, 30 gal of A and 60 gal of B foam. If you can't tell it's my favorite engine lol
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    Here in GA, you have a few definitions of "squad."

    In City of Atlanta, Squad 4 is their heavy rescue.
    In Dekalb County, Heavy Rescue 24 is the heavy rescue, and Squads have been several things over the years, such as:

    -two-person manpower units primarily for critical medical calls that need additional ALS resources and/or an EMS captain.
    -two-person manpower units with light extrication abilities and what's listed above.
    -two-person manpower units with technical rescue abilities, IF all the squads in the county assembled on a technical rescue call. Each had a piece of the puzzle in their unit, and one technical rescue personnel, hopefully.
    -four person manpower unit carrying some of the equipment from either Heavy Rescue or Hazmat units to save wear and tear on the larger apparatus.
    -one-person EMS supervisor that self-dispatches to EMS calls to provide medical supervision.

    How's that for squad definitions?

    If you get to north GA near Tennessee, you'll likely heard squad used to mean "rescue squad," which means an ambulance.

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    I do have to say this, this has been an interesting read as to what others define as a "Squad" in their area.

    It seems to be that there is no general consensus on what a Squad, really is.

    I'm the one Fire and Rescue calls, when they need to be Rescued.

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