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    Lightbulb SRT Thank You FiremanLyman

    This thread is thanks to Firemanlyman. This topic (SRT) was a spinoff of another thread going and without a doubt deserves its own place in our forum.
    I was introduced to rope by my first captain in Rescue Co.1....he also happened top be a caver and one hell of a rope guy. I attribute my obsessiveness for perfection in the rescue world to him. Needless to say being he was a caver the SRT discipline always reared its head.
    Most of my training if not all has been heavily rescue based, with that comes the word redundancy and DRT. I must admit I do favor the DRT over the SRT but also believe skills learned in SRT carry over and can be applied in a DRT world. With that being said what are your thoughts....

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    Well guess I will start by saying I have been working SRT for the last 10 years. If it wasnt tree work it was rock climbing/mountaineering. Im at the point that I feel more relaxed working SRT. The biggest thing that I had learned from the tree work side of it was, if you are going to be doing some good amount of work for any amount of time find a system that will be smooth and that will be able to do more then one task. By more then one task I mean this, in my ascending system I use a length of 8mm cord that on one end has a eight on a bite, in the middle a butterfly knot and then again at the other end a large eight on a bite (for a foot loop). I have posted a pic of this setup. I can take this same cord without changing anything on it and use it as a lead climbing setup for tower climbing. For sure you have to do alot of work/practice to get comfortable, but then again keep your three points of contact (atleast till you are compleatly comfortable with your ability) and you will have no issue of falling.... on your end. Dont just tentionless wrap an anchor, leave some working tail for a rigging team to work with.
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    Our SRT system is a climbing harness, croll, handle assender with foot strap, mini bar rack, two pig's tails and a prusick loop. The handle assender is tied to the harness, giving you a second point of contact when assending. Prusick is there to use as a quick attachment with a pig's tail (for passing knots or whenever you need a fast tie-in), have seen some rigs where a second croll is put on the end of the pig's tial for this purpose.

    I would upload a picture, but I am not that tech savy, will take a few days at least.
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