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    Default crib cutting template

    Anyone have any useful information for cutting wedges? I am trying to find a diagram of a cutting table with templates.

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    We utilize full dimensional white oak lumber 4"x4"x18" and 2"x4"x18" for cribbing and we have the mill cut our wedges corner to corner out of the 4"x4"x18" material. This yields (2) 18" wedges out of each piece of 4"x4"x18" lumber and having them cut this way makes them easy to store.

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    Cut your cribbing to length i.e. 18 inchs. Take a straight edge place on diagonal corners, mark with a pencil. Put on safety glasses, turn on table saw or band saw, carefull feed the wood block through the saw following the mark you made. When useing a table saw you may have to flip the wood over and cut the other side.

    PSA WARNING: Be very careful the blade is very sharp and will cut off your fingers and other body parts. The arthor is not liabel for incompentace while useing power equipment.

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