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    Default Total water used with foam

    I was wondering if someone had the formula to figure this out, or the answer to the question in regards to foam operations.

    If the truck carries 20 gallons of class A foam and it is proportioned at 0.1%, how many gallons of water will the truck flow before the foam tank is empty?


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    Dear ghod... The last time I checked they taught percentages in 4h or 5th grade. Seriously?
    "Nemo Plus Voluptatis Quam Nos Habant"

    The Code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules.

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    Very Simple Math.

    Quantity of foam divided by percantage of concentration desired.

    20 gallon foam cell @ 0.1% = 20/.001 = 20,000 gallons of water.

    15 gallon foam cell @ 0.3% = 15/.003 = 5,000 gallons of water

    30 gallon foam cell @ 0.5% = 30/.005 = 6,000

    If you want to double check the math you can work it backwards, (6,000) gallons of water multiplied by percentage of concentration (.5%) 6,000 * .005 = 30 gallons of foam required to treat 6,000 gallons of water at .5% concentration.

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    Thanks sdff. Appreciate it much.

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