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    Well said.

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    YES!!! Absolutely your degree will help you. I would not listen to anyone who tells you differently. As a matter of fact, you may have a future on the Union board as a treasurer or as a part of the Firefighterís Association negotiation team. Additionally, you may have a future as a Chief officer managing the budget.

    BUT FIRST, you need to worry about getting hired and earning the respect of the men and women on your fire department. Yes, your degree will help you get hired, but I do not want to hire a soft handed white shirt geek who is out of shape because he has been sitting behind a computer the majority of his adult working life.

    Make sure you become a good EMT (yes this means working on an ambulance), take fire science courses and earn your AS degree in Fire Science. Work toward completing a basic fire academy at the local junior college. This should take you at least 18 months to accomplish all of the aforementioned things. Then, you may want to consider going to paramedic school.
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    I think it will be beneficial. The biggest pro about it for you as an individual is that its a backup plan. What if you get hired and then get hurt and need a desk job. Accountants are always in demand.
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