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    Question is there hope for me?

    I am 19 and currently enrolled in college here in tampa Fl and am hoping to become a firefighter in the near future. my father is a current fire fighter and he had told me that its difficult to get hired if you have any traffic tickets which i thought nothing much of considering my excellent driving record, but yesterday i was pulled over by a state trooper for doing 86 in a 70 speed limit. with the ticket i was given an option to take an online traffic course in lieu of points on my license.

    will this affect my application if no points are on the licensee or will the fact that i was pulled over and ticketed just really harm my chances of selection as a future applicant?

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    Will it affect your chances? Yes, a little. A ticket for driving 86 mph is not good, but if it's your only one you are probably fine. Here is what you want to keep in mind;

    Once is an anomoly, twice is a pattern.

    Slow down and DO NOT GET ANY MORE TICKETS!

    More importantly, welcome to the forums.....
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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    alright cool.
    i got it . i'll be rocking the cruise control from now.

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    You need to check each cities policy on tickets

    Any other tickets legal problems???

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