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    Default Tanker Specification Question

    I know I've seen that a Tanker with a pump greater than 750 GPM is considered a Pumper/Tanker. So is the limit of 749 GPM and less or 750 GPM or less to be a tanker? If anyone know where I can find the explaination, I would like to know.

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    From the Program Guidance:

    the “pumper” category includes: pumpers, engines, pumper/tankers (apparatus that carries a minimum of 300 gallons of water and has a pump with a capacity to pump a minimum of 750 gallons per minute), rescue-pumpers, quints (with aerials less than 76 feet in length), and urban interface vehicles (Type I). Apparatus that has water capacity in excess of 1,000 gallons and a pump with pumping capacity of less than 750 gallons per minute are considered to be a tanker/tender.

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    You will find that quote on page 14 of the PG.

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    Since they know it's a stupid line to draw and no one makes a 749gpm truck it's OK to get tankers with 750gpm. After all, not like anyone wouldn't put a 750gpm in and then just mark the rating as 749gpm to make it look kosher on the boilerplate. 750gpm goes both ways, just don't ask, don't tell....

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