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    My sister had a handful of VHS tapes from 9/11. As soon as the evnts began, she threw in tapes and recorded everything. I got together with her fo a B-day party and she mentioned she had them. So, I watched every second from 3 different tapes. A couple of things.

    1- There are tons of footage and information that you can find anymore, which is interesting. It like watching new footage in some ways. Just thought I'd share that.

    2- I found a documentary from a couple of French brothers who were originally taping a department that had a new Probie. They intended to tape from his first day an so on. Then the attcks happened and they switched gears. Anyway, it was very good coverage, great footage of our brothers in action and it brought back all those emotions I had back then in regards to the family'd and public help.

    Has anyone else seen this? It was incredible.

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    i have seen that movie very good and very touching God rest all the lost souls

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