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    Default Interview Question

    What is the benefit of joining our department, in your opinion?

    Is this where they want to hear what you know about their department as well as the community?

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    No... I would say it's more along the lines of what being a member of the department means to you, personally. For example, how you feel you will be providing for your community, that it's an honor (assuming that it is, and it should be) and how it can it also benefit you for life experiences...

    Questions about what you know about the department would read something like "What do you know about our department", or at least that's how I've been asked every time.

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    It could also mean "What do you bring to the table that 1000 other applicants don't?" This is, IMHO, one of the most direct questions that require a direct answer. This question presents the perfect opportunity to sell yourself (read brag).

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