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    Default Accountability/ Resource boards

    Good morning,
    I am looking for some suggestions about implementing a resource board during fire and any haz mat etc. incidents.We have the accountability board, were looking for the best ways to implement it.
    Any pros and cons will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Here is one source:


    Use google for a lot more.
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    At the combination department I work for we have a plexiglass board on each engine. Each member has a tag with our name and unit number on it. The tags are color coded yellow for interior certified, red for exterior only.

    When checking in you give your tag to the staging officer.

    The board has three columns of Velcro. The ccolumns are interior, exterior, and staging. As you get assigned a task you get moved to the appropriate column.

    I'll try and snap a picture tonight during a break in class or tomorrow when I am on shift.

    We are starting to discuss a few different accountability systems though but that is how we do it currently.
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