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Thread: 48/48 schedule

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    Default 48/48 schedule

    I'm looking for some information on a 48/48 work schedule. Our department is looking in to changing work schedule. So far we have info on the 48/72 schedule but need info on the 48/48. Also, are there any pros and cons. We currently work a 24/24.

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    I know that there are some Federal Fire Departments on a 48/48 schedule. You might be able to start there.
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    It gets you off that tired 24 24 where you are either coming or going

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    I believe we have some departments in the St. Louis Metro area that have went with a 48/96..not really sure how the guys like it or pros/cons for it tho
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    There is two counties in Tennessee that work a 24/72. We love this shift. It works out good for everybody but it might not for you.

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    Default work schedule

    There is department in Alabama that works 48/96 you may want to check with them it seems to work out fine...Lanett Fire and EMS...

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    I'm not familiar with a 48/48. But we did a lot of research on 48/96 for our department. We determined that our volume was too high to subject the guys to it for 48 hours with little to no sleep. Most of my research was on the cumulative effect of sleep deprivation. Its a great setup for deparmtments with lower volume, just didn't work for us. So my 2 cents on this is to evaluate your call volume and go from there, tons of info out there.
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