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    Default Firefighter Peer Fitness Equipment

    Does anybody know of a Strength Evaluation System that meets the requirements found in the Jackson Strength Evlauation System recommended by the IAFF? We want to go with the Jackson System but are running into roadblocks from the "money people" about whether or not there is a similiar system out there......cheaper or not. Thanks for any help! Ship

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    If you do an internet search for "Adult Back and Leg Dynamometers" you might find a few other product that perform the same functions as Jackson Strength System, but probably aren't as "industrial". I personally have not used any other product other then the JSS, by Lafayette but have seen other ones out there.


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    Default options

    you might consider other options, we don't do the leg dynamometer we do a wall sit for up to 3:00. An option for arm strtength is either pullups (to/from full extension) or pullup hold for time. The idea is to think of the demand being tested.

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