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    Default hose lay for foam

    Using an Akron 3097, does anyone know the various possible hose lays for varying foam percentages (1%, 3%, 6%)?


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    Everybodyin: These in-line eductors are made to operate with a 70 to 75 psi drop across the throat of the eductor. This difference in pressure is needed to reach the critical operating velocity before the eductor will develop the required lower pressure below atmospheric. Then the air pressure (14.7 psi) on top of the foam concentrate will force the liquid through the orfice at the proper rate. The next requirement that needs to be met is the BACK PRESSURE. Maximum outlet pressure on the eductor is supposed to be less than 130 PSI. So if you are using a 100 psi nozzle, the maximum friction loss that can exist will be around 30 psi. calculated using the proper flow for the eductor. A 60 gpm eductor must be matched to a 60 gpm nozzle. Then you can calculate the friction loss for the size of hose you are running between the eductor and the nozzle. To answer your question, 1%, 3% & 6% should all operate properly if you maintain a match between the nozzle GPM, The Eductor GPM, the Eductor inlet at 200 psi., and around 200 ft of 1 3/4" line between the eductor and the nozzle. (see the previous post for Akron web site)

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    Thanks for replies.

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