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Thread: 4WD Ambulance

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastKyFF View Post
    Well then, enlighten me. Here's why I stated what I stated:

    -Fuel use. Is it incorrect that a 4x4 is always sending power to the front wheels, they just won't pull until locked in? If so, does that not increase fuel use? If it's not significant, I'd be surprised, but I believe you if you have dealt with it.

    -Tire cost. You're right that six tires is six tires, but people are often tempted to buy bigger, knobbier, more expensive tires to look sexy on a 4x4. I should have said "MAY have more expensive tires".

    -Danger on dry roads. The suspension will be at least a little higher on a 4x4, right? Higher vehicle = higher center of gravity, which makes it at least a little more dangerous.
    YES you are INCORRECT. 4x4's in ALMOST all cases are part time 4wd which means if the transfer case is NOT engaged then you have a standard 4x2. Tires. The MFG SPECIFIES a given size tire for a REASON. If you go more than one tire size from it,computers and other items MUST be reprogrammed. Is there a particular reason YOU are OPPOSED to 4Wd? Outside of cost? A 4wd ambulance will outperform a standard one on ANY kind of inclement weather or driving comdition,the Pluses FAR outweigh the negatives. T.C.

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    I have been instrumental in getting 2 4X4's for the Ambulance Squads that I have worked with. The first was a 95 Chevy 1 ton that was absolutely great. The second is a 2010 Ford F550. We have had some issues but that was mostly due to the handling of the air ride (Would have made no difference if it was 2 or 4 wheel drive). New Shocks seem to have corrected that issue. Both Rigs were built by Horton and the box fit and finish is great.

    As far as the argument about a 4X4 being unsafe, or significantly higher in fuel use. Not enough of a difference to out weight the benefit the 4X4 gives you. Just remember 4X4 doesn't replace having a good driver. It doesn't make the unit a all terrain not able to get stuck monster. It does give you the ability to more safely respond during inclement weather and service the people who call you.

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    The fuel argument is garbage. What matters is getting to the scene safely to do your job.The one thing that seems to be a modern EMS trend is get the biggest ambulance out there. If your worried 4x4 ambulances are going to be more expensive compare the fuel usage of a big rig ambulances. I think a truck cab 4x4 ambulance designed as a limited duty vehicle will be just as use full as a big road queen ambulance. A smaller one ton 4x4 using standard 20" tires will do fine. If your worried about cost and fuel economy look into a Sprinter ambulance ,they use smaller tire and sip fuel.

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