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    Default SF FD H-3 EMT Testing

    Hi I'm going to be testing for the H-3 position for SF FD this friday and had a few questions for anyone regarding that. To my understanding it is a strictly and EMT driving and ambulance position. I am currently starting my fields for medic school so well see if thats a plus or a turn off for the position. The department website is fairly vague on operations and how each level works so any other insight would be greatly appreciated. Also, i was curious to how the test format and content will be for this position. Seems it would be strictly and EMT knowledge test which would be nice for me or if its more a psych/personality based test. Lastly, I have tested before and have worn a suit and other times wore just upscale street clothes since it will be held at HR and they advocate not wearing a suit but something comfortable. I know some departments try to catch people off guard for not wearing a tie while other testing scenarios give you unwanted attention for wearing a tie. Any insight on any of these topics would be greatly appreciated!!


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    All of your questions can be answered on the job notice, seriously.

    Why would medic school be a turn off? Just remember there is an EMT academy. There are probably a few paramedics working as Basics right now in the department. They also just put through a class of H3 1's through medic training.

    It is pretty simple....
    H3 1's= EMT Basic, single function
    H3 2's=Paramedic, single function
    H3 3's=Firefighter/Paramedic (laterals mostly I believe)
    They can run 1 and 1 or dual. 4 10 hour watches, post throughout the shift.

    100 questions, multiple choice, basic EMT-B knowledge, pass or fail.

    Dress comfortable, per job notice. The test site is in a office building, with a corner bodega and down the hill from Potrero pj's.
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    I have my skills/oral interview here at the end of this month and was looking for some incite on how this would be conducted. What skills they may be testing and how the oral is formatted. I am from So. CA so I've been trying to learn about the department but i find its hard to know the inter-workings unless you know someone. So if anybody has been through this portion here and has any incite or tips it would be greatly appreciated.


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