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    Default TFT Break-A-Part Select Gal. Nozzles???

    I have a question that I am hoping to get an answer on.....

    Does anyone here use TFT's break a part nozzle with a select gallonage tip???

    The reason I ask is that we just bought 4 new nozzles of this design and have just came to realize that they have an "off" selection on the tip. So, this nozzle has two ways to be shut down during operation. If you do use this type of nozzle, have you had any problems with guys accidently selecting the off position?

    Thank you guys in advance for your input.

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    yes, ive seen this issue. The theory with these tips is their ability to be used as "break and extend" lines. If you need to lengthen a line, you are to (in theory) take the nozzle tip offm add hose to the shutoff tip attach the fog tip back on and now, without a bale, you use the twist-off to control water flow. Ive never seen them used (properly) in many years.

    Personally, not a fan. Ive seen this in training. Akrons version is a simple twist to off, whereas I think TFT/KK has a click to off setting. The twist to off style is bad, because as you turn it just past off (start flowing) you get that perfectly trimmed pencil thin low flow straight stream, which doesnt do much for fire attack. Sadly, alot of guys on the knob arent disciplined enough to recognize the easy fix to this issue. So I have accepted defeat and have decided its best to dumb it down and not provide this type of setup. Reduces the chances of problems.

    My only suggestion is trade them in or train regularly with them.

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    Thank you MG3610! I think we are going to try and trade the tips in for something that does not have an off switch like that as training my guys wouldn't be the problem. The problem I forsee is my auto aid partners that would unknowingly be using the nozzles from time to time that are not using them.

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