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    Default Hallo from Russia!

    Greetings to all!

    My name is Anton. I am rescuer. I work in Search and Rescue Squad №17 in Podolsk city (not far from Moscow, Russia).

    Me and my colleagues wonder what work and life of american firefighter look like. I am looking for a right place to ask some questions. Questions about rescue service and firefighting in Russia are weclome. Should I post new thread somewhere else or this one is ok?

    Pardon my english, if I make any mistakes.

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    Hello Anton.

    If you have questions about firefighting and rescue I think the best location would be the 'Firefighting' section.

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    Здравствулте! мои русские борьба с огенм друзья. Вы среди друзей здесь!

    Hopefully that posts correctly!

    Welcome to the Firehouse forums!

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