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Thread: Exhaust Filters

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    Quote Originally Posted by InIttowinit View Post
    I believe most of the major manufacturers offer the Navistar option now. I think this will be changing to urea once their carbon credits run out.

    What about alternative power sources? HME showed off the CNG last year? Rosy has Greenstar, Spartan has the power unit that was @ FDIC. These seem like they could help the exhaust filter question. Other than CNG you are still using the main engine, but less it sounds like.
    E-One also announced at FDIC will be using Maxforce in their customcabs.

    IH emissions guy I talked to at FDIC told me the stuff about them going to SCR (Urea) was total BS. They will be staying with EGR and can meet EPA current and announce emissions nonsense.

    Obviously mfg are not going to install and nonEPA engine in a chassis. Point is the congresscritters could easily exempt emergency service vehicles from post 2002 diesel emissions. AND the engine mfg would have no issues with providing engines accordingly. The $ WASTE for absolutely no gainful purpose in putting DPF and associtate junk on fire trucks is just epicly idiotic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treeguy View Post
    They towed it away Tuesday.They're telling me it should be ready for pickup this afternoon.

    1: Pay attention to the "idiot" lights on the dash if it's a 2010 emissions engine.

    The light never came on.

    They said the problem was in the exhaust filter's wiring harness. Probably due to sitting in the rain.(what!)
    I replied, this truck is always stored indoors, and he said, it probably sat outside before the chassis was installed.
    Are trucks not weather resistant anymore?

    Is this mainly a Cummins problem? I have always been a big fan of the Cummins powerplant, we're writing specs for another truck now.Shoud we steer clear of Cummins?
    SOME Cummins have the filters, SOME of the 11's(L) Don't. NO,it isn't just a Cummins problem. Thank your Dumbass Congressman for letting that last Epa ruling slide thru. T.C.

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