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    Default Training Crosswalk

    Does anyone have a compentency "cross walk" for the NFPA 1670 and 1006? Showing the differences between ops and tech training?

    Thanks in advance

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    The standards are pretty clear what is required for each level. If your looking for a check off type sheet do some digging on Pro-Boards website.

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    Default Standards

    It's hard to compare standards when they conflict with each other. NFPA #1006 - 2008 edition eliminates Ops and Tech and now refers to Level 1 and Level 2 rescuers.

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    1006 is the personal qualifications

    1670 lays out what is required to respond as a team at Awareness, Operations and Tech level. Just because you have people with Confined Space II training does not mean your team is capable of a Confined Space Technician Level response.

    For a training matrix check page 6 of this; http://www.itrsonline.org/PapersFold..._ITRSPaper.pdf

    It was from a seminar in CO. Lays out a best method for training a Rescue Specialist to meet team requirements for 1670.

    Here is the basics for 1006 qualifications. All Technical Rescuers must meet 1006 Ch 4 requirement and CH 5 JPR's. Then depending on what mission set you are going to have, you gain I or II level of training in any specialty. We run Rope, Swiftwater, Confined Space, Trench and Vehicle/Machinery. For 1006 the only Level II qualifications that we run that requires a pre-requisite (other than ch 5 JPR's) is Swiftwater II which requires ch 6 JPR's (Rope II) and ch 11.4 JPR's (Surface Water II).

    For the team 1670 require a lot of other disciplines to be mastered before the team is ready to respond at an Operations or Technician Level. Take for example Trench Technician Level response. Trench Tech Team requires meeting the requirements of Confined Space Technician, Vehicle/Machinery Technician, Rope Operations, and HAZMAT Awareness levels of response.

    Have any specific questions?
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    Think of it this way:

    1006 Level 1 = 1670 Ops

    1006 Level II = 1670 Tech

    Much of the awareness material is deliverd through FF I and II.

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