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    Let me first say that I am attending CSU to finish my Bachelor's degree. The most important issue to note is that CSU is a nationally accredited college. Which means that the Department of Education recognizes the degree's as "college" degree's. If the VA pays for it, it is "good to go" for some people and agencies. The most important part of the equation is to ensure that your agency or potential agency recognizes the degree. Check on the CSU website at the learning partners page, this will tell you some of the corporations that accept it. The next step, is to call the HR office of the city or corporation you are attempting to apply for. The FD I work accepts degrees from CSU, and I get a substantial pay raise for having a bachelors. Secondly, I finished my Associates from a regionally accredited school and I will be the first to say that CSU's curriculum is nowhere near as hard as my Associates degree program. One of the replying posters stated that you can't transfer a CSU degree to a regionally accredited Master's program. This is not true, you just have to shop around. I finish my Bachelors within the next couple of months and I have been in contact with four major "brick and mortar" schools and only one of the four has said they will not accept a "nationally accredited" degree, which was Penn State. Now my disclaimer to the last sentence, I have not applied for these programs as of yet. I need to take the GRE and finish my last two classes, so the universities I have spoken to may do an "about face" and say no. I know without a doubt Grand Canyon University will accept a Bachelors from CSU though. A close friend just transferred from CSU with a B.A. and is now in the GCU masters program.

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    The NFA accepts CSU graduates now
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