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    Default Artificial Joints (Hip)

    Hello Everyone;

    This is a shot in the dark but I want everyone to know this and thought this would be a good place to start.

    Last year I had both of my hips replaces with Titamium joints (best thing I could have ever done) I returned to service about 8 months ago. Since returning I have had my pager replaced 3 times thinking I had a bad pager because I was not recieving any calls. Last night I got to thinking about this and thought to myself, if the pager is on the table I get pages but if it is on my side I get no pages. Could the metal in my legs be causing interference. Well low and behold I tested this theroy 8 different times today in different locations and got the same result. Pager on the hip; no go, pager on the table or in my shirt pocket; GO! The metal in my new hips is effecting my pagers.

    I know, hard to get your head around but it's true.

    Thought You might like to know

    Be Safe
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    Make your pager wear a tinfoil hat?
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