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    I'm filling out a background packet and they want my entire employment history. I'm 28 and have been working since I was 16. At least one company is out of business and I can't even remember my supervisors name; I worked here when I was 20 for a few months.

    I also worked at a stamp factory when I was 16 in the summer but can't remember anything about them. Let's say I exhaust all avenues to find this information, this won't raise any flags will it?


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    You can pull that info of a couple of web sites. I worked for Bennigans for 3 years and the company no longer exists. Just google work history and you should have plenty of site help.

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    Look again and see if it asks for all jobs, or just those from a certain number of years ago, or from after you were a certain age.

    If that doesnít work, call and ask for a background investigator, or a clerk that can give you some clarification of what they want.

    If not, just put down what you can remember. Nobody can remember everything, just do what you can and donít hide anything. If you have a background interview, just tell him what you wrote here and that was all you could come up with.
    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    Yes if they want every job put it down

    Put out if business, cannot remember superviors name, etc
    If they are still in business would put a current company contact

    Just give the best answer you can

    They will see you have a work history

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    I agree, put down everything you can remember. Check your old tax returns. You may find the information on it....
    Paul Lepore
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