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    Default Best BCD for Rescue

    I was just curious what BCD some you guys are wearing or prefer for search and rescue diving.... Also what are your thoughts on using a Safe Second (Atomic SS1) for this type of diving?

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    Default Rescue BCD


    As a member of a volunteer team who's members pretty much supply their own equipment, I have seen a wide variety of BCD's used. I personally use a Dacor Rig Pro which is pretty much a glorified backplate and wings. I like it for what we do as it has multiple attachment points for tethers, lights, shears, etc.. I know a number of personnel who use and like the Zeagle Ranger or 911 BCD. The things that are critical are 1) That you are comfortable in it's use, 2) Know it thoroughly, 3) in a perfect team scenario, all team members use the same BC so that you all know it's safety features.


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